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-From Karate-Demonstrations-

■Jion : Shorin-ryu/Minoru Higa(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Sochin : Shorin-ryu/Nobuko Oshiro(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Kushanku Sho : Shorin-ryu/Sokuichi Gibu(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Passai Dai : Shorin-ryu/Makoto Gibu(Available view:Front)
■Chibana Kushanku : Shorin-ryu/Nobukazu Takahashi(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Kusanku : Shoring-ryu/Zenpo Shimabukuro(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Sanchin : Gojyu-ryu/Meitatsu Yagi(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Seipai : Gojyu-ryu/Akihiro Yagi(Available view:Front)
■Seiyunchin : Gojyu-ryu/Kiichi Nakamoto(Available view:Front・Right)
■Suparinmpei : Gojyu-ryu/Kazuhiro Hokama(Available view:Front)
■Rokkishu : Gojyu-ryu/Ryuji Knazawa(Available view:Front・Right)
■Rohai : Gohaku-ryu/Iken Tokashiki(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Sanseiru : Uechi-ryu/Hiroshi Miyagi(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Seisan : Uechi-ryu/Yasuo Shimoji(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Sanchin Kitae : Uechi-ryu/Yasuo Shimoji(Available view:Front)
■Double Nunchaku : Kobudo/Masakazu Kinjo(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Hamahiga no Tonfa : Kobudo/Masakazu Kinjo(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Kobu no Sai : Kobudo/Takashi Kinjo(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Choun no Kun : Kobudo/Takashi Kinjo(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Mamorigama(single,double) : Kobudo/Eiko Miyazato(Available view:Front)
■Eku : Kobudo/Kiichi Nakamoto(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)
■Kanigawa no Tinbe : Kobudo/Masakazu Kinjo(Available view:Front)
■Maezato no Tekko : Kobudo/Masakazu Kinjo(Available view:Front)
■Nuti : Kobudo/Takashi Kinjo(Available view:Front)
■Nuti : Kobudo/Kiichi Nakamoto(Available view:Front・Back・Right・Left)

Contents of DVD

Origin of Karate DVD Menu

90min of astonishing contents and 95 chapters on the DVD menu.



1 History of Karate (History)
2 School of Karate (Ryuha)
3 The Essence of Karate (Essence)
Masters Interviews are also included!

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