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Origin of Karate

-Masters of The Ancient Tradition-


For the first time in history, four major schools of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo are captured in one DVD.


The Japanese martial arts that fames and respected worldwide. Originated in Okinawa, this intangible culture is known to have developed across race, age, gender, borders and now practiced over 160 countries by about 50 million people.


Karate Kobudo was officially certified as an intangible cultural heritage of Okinawa in 1997. In the making of this DVD, we made sure to bring out what our predecessors tried to pass on, the true essence of "Karate Kobudo" by equally showing all styles.


Narrations are kept minimum on purpose. We tried showing simply with live sounds and vivid images through the screen, hoping to pass on the true essence of Karate Kobudo to the present and the future audiences.


Many books and videos that are available at present describe the technique and history of one or each Karate school. However, there is no other than this DVD to put together four major styles such as "Shuri-te"  "Naha-te" "Tomari-te" and also "Uechi-ryu". All are today's Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.


Considering Karate Kobudo is a culture that Japan should be proud of, We believe this DVD is a proof that expressed our aim to support and educate this precious cultural heritage to develop further.


Okinawa Karate Kobudo Record Production Committee


(Attention Below: The Karate Masters name as appears at random order, DVD and performer of the grade of the trailer video in the description , name , job title , etc. to become a thing of this documentary photography year at the moment of rank , please understand that the notation such as the name might be different . )

ABOUT Karate Masters


Iken Tokashiki


Tomari-te, Gouhaku-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. He is the founder of Gohakukai.

(see the official)

Joen Nakazato


Shuri-te, Syorinji-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan.  He was the founder of Shorinji-ryu.

(see the official)

Katsuya Miyahira


Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. He was also designated an Intangible Cultural Asset of Okinawa

(see the official)

Kiichi Nakamoto


Naha-te, Gojyu-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. 83 year old  "living cultural asset " and Okinawan Goju Ryu legend Soke.

(see the official)

Zenpo Shimabukuro


Shuri-te, Syorin-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan, International Okinawa Syorin-ryu Seibukan Karate-do Assocation

(see the official)

Meitatsu Yagi


Naha-te, Gojyu-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. Honorary Chairman of the International Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-Do Association

(see the official)

Minoru Higa


Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate Kyudokan Rengo Soke.

(see the official)

Minoru Miyagi


Uechi-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. The president of Okinawa Uechi-ryu Karatedo Hozonkai

(see the official)

Nobukazu Takahashi


Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu, Hanshi 9th dan. Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karatedo Toyokan Soke

(see the official)

Nobuko Oshiro


Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu, Kyoshi 8th dan. The Presidet of Okinawa Karate-do Shornryu Taishinkan

(see the official) 

Ryuji Kanazawa


Naha-te, Gojyu-ryu, Hanshi 9th dan, Kobudo Hanshi 9th dan. He is the Sokeof International Gojyu-ryu Karate Organization. 

(see the official)

Sokuichi Gibu


Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu, Hanshi 10th dan. He was the president of Okinawa Karatedo Shorin-ryu Butokukan

(see the official)

Takashi Kinjo


Kobudo,  Kobu-ryu Hanshi 9th dan.

Okinawa Kobu-ryu Karatedo Kobudo Kobukai Soke.

(see the official)

Yasuo Shimoji


Uechi-Ryu,Hanshi 9th dan. ​Shimojiha Uechi-ryu Karatedo Soke.

(see the official)

Masakazu Kinjo


Kobudo, Kubagawa Shubukan.Kyoshi 8th-dan Uechi-ryu Karate & Hanshi 9th-dan Ryukyu Kobudo. The president of Ryukyu Kobudo Preservation Society headquarters.

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